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In life we will experience fear, rejection, and moments when we feel alone. And so where do we go from here? Can we start with being honest, and admitting that we feel rejected, alone, and scared about our future? Can we admit we’re broken?


We believe that God, our creator, is the source of life, and that by connecting with him we can grow spiritually, and help one another experience life transformation, in the context of a welcoming community. You can belong, even before you believe. But we think, that as you see lives transform around you, and as you experience God for yourself, you will grow in ways you never thought possible, and you’ll live for something greater than yourself.

In railroad terms, the branch line is a rail line that branches off from the main line into the small towns. In the same way, you and I are like this branch line, created to produce life by connecting with our main life line—Jesus Christ. We invite you to come and grow from the source.

We connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus

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