Who can be baptized?


What is baptism?

Your baptism is an opportunity for you to publicly confess your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Going under the water symbolizes the death to your old way of life, and coming out of the water pictures the beginning of a new life – a life lived for God. If you choose that this is the next step for you, please fill in your information below. 


Does baptism save you? Then why?

Baptism is not necessary for salvation (thief on the cross). We are justified by faith alone, period. To say that baptism is a means to salvation, it would be like saying by faith plus a certain “work,” the work of baptism, you receive salvation. This is not true. Jesus asks us to be baptized – to follow His example. Baptism is like a wedding ring. It’s the outward symbol of the commitment you’ve already made in your heart.


Should we baptize infants?

Some churches baptize infants. Some choose not to baptize infants. While Christians can debate this, we should never divide over it. Many current Branchline attenders were baptized as babies. At Branchline, we don’t baptize infants because every baptism recorded in the Bible occurred when someone was old enough to make a faith decision. Jesus blessed kids, but he didn’t baptize them.


What does Branchline offer for parents who want to raise Christian children?

While infants can’t choose baptism, we do give parents an option for guiding their children toward personally choosing a relationship with Christ. Parent/Child Dedication is a time of public and personal commitment where parents promise to raise their children with godly principles, so that one day when they are ready and understand, they will choose to accept Christ and get baptized.


When do I get baptized?

The first thing to determine is your spiritual condition. Have you determined in your heart and mind that Jesus alone is the Savior of the world? Have you repented of living life without God, received His forgiveness and chosen to follow Christ’s leadership in your life? If you can answer yes to this, then it’s time, get baptized.

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